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Who Am I?
  • I teach EDPS 340
  • My classes are made interesting and lively by using relevant information that will be useful in your future career.
  • I say “Bingo!” when I get good student responses in class.
  • I’m also fond of “There is no way to perfume that pig.”
  • And one more: “Eyes and smiles on me.”
  • Who Am I?

Nelson J. MayloneProfessor of Educational Psychology, Teacher Education; Ed.D. from Eastern Michigan University; Master’s from Wayne State University; Bachelor’s from Wayne State University

I have been teaching since 1974 and yes, I realize that fact dates me. What can I say? I am a proud baby boomer. Only my generation would have toddler grandchildren at this age. But I love it, I have so much fun with them and it keeps me young. Of course, I am a teacher at heart and just being with young people of any age keeps life in perspective for me.

I came to Eastern to get my doctorate degree in Educational Leadership and began teaching here as a lecturer in 1997. I really appreciate first-hand all this University has to offer to students wanting to become teachers.

Eastern is true to its mission; we do what we say we are going to do, and we do it well. We prepare and produce the best educators in the country at all levels, from initial teacher preparation to our doctorates.

Even the nuns from the Sisters of the Immaculate Conception are prepared here to become parochial school teachers. The order trusts us with their nuns because they know they’ll receive excellent training here.

An Eastern education is something to be proud of. We teach pragmatic applications, useful to our students in the real-world. I have always said I am proud to be a part of this University because we really do practice what we preach.

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