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Who Am I?
  • You might know me by my nickname, Dr. Ketl
  • I spent many years as a professor of psychology, especially teaching Abnormal Psychology and Adolescent Psychology
  • I always tell my students to do well in school because a college degree will mean a million dollars to you over your lifetime of work
  • I have taught every grade from kindergarten though doctoral level
  • Who Am I?

Carol R. Freedman-DoanDepartment Head of Psychology; Ph.D. from Wayne State University; Bachelor’s from Kent State University

My proudest achievement comes from designing the curriculum for the doctoral program in psychology here at Eastern, which is accredited by the American Psychological Association. It is a five-year program in which students become fully licensed psychologists.

We teach our students to be scientist practitioners; this means teaching best-practices alongside research and theory. These skills help our students meet the needs of the community because they can see the bigger picture. We also teach them skills in program evaluation, managing mental healthcare centers, and supervision. It makes our program unique and prepares them for real-world careers.

This university setting brings together a diversity of backgrounds. This diversity really enriches the classroom experience with profound discussions and new perspectives. Our small class sizes provide an environment that is open to sharing, which helps our students grow as individuals. That is a gift that Eastern gives to our students and I see first-hand how hard our students work and how well they work together.

After graduation, our students go on to do amazing things. We have students that now work at Johns Hopkins and in the VA system. Others have gone into teaching at universities here and abroad. Eastern has something to offer students that is high-quality and unique. The success of our students proves it to be true.

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